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Acceptance and Accountability

What comes to your mind when you read these two words Acceptance and Accountability? These are two words that keep many of us shrouded in depression, shame, and guilt. Being unable to accept “things” or hold yourself and others accountable can be a detriment to the emotional and physical self. Often times so many issues come up and as taught we simply “live though it”. Living through it is great but what does this really mean? Does this mean remain in something unhealthy, unsafe, and inappropriate? Does this mean ignore and overlook something so painful that it literally pains you daily? If this sounds familiar then I’m here to tell you there is hope and help. In order to get better we must begin the process of changing and removing those “things” and yes “things” can be people….Lol

I know that we have choices, however we do not always make healthy choices. The choices we make are sometimes selfish and sometimes they are made out of fear. Fear of being alone, fear of being exposed, and fear or being right. What does that mean Chantelle? Fear of being right means reminding yourself that you overlooked a Red Flag or a Warning sign because this is a onetime situation…….wrong ,wrong, wrong. One time becomes all the time when you allow someone or something to hurt or disrupt what you know is right. If it makes you uncomfortable or you have to lie about it, IT IS WRONG. There are so many misconceptions about what is acceptable and what is not. People everything boils down to these two words Acceptance and Accountability. Once you know better and have been made aware, the assumption is you will do better. Will you do better?

Peace and Blessings Chantelle D. Stokes, MA

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