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Relationship goals is a trending topic or hashtag on many social media sites that I read. I can appreciate the desire to have healthy relationship goals. Is this achievable? Is this realistic? The answer is absolutely!!!!What did these couples have to learn or “go through” before millions of stranger’s comment and repost pictures and videos of what has been deemed the desirable relationship in social media land. Healthy and honest relationships are very hard to come by and hard work must be put in to have a healthy reciprocity filled relationship. Two emotionally unhealthy persons cannot have a healthy relationship. One healthy and one unhealthy person cannot have a healthy relationship. People with different core beliefs and values will only go so far in the relationship before there is a breakdown and breakup.

This will take us back to Blog 1 warning signs and red flags. When a person shows you who they are please for the love of Pete believe them. Disagreements are a reality and a part of everyday life, however there is a difference and it is apparent when disagreement becomes disrespect. Anyone who disrespects, devalues, and degrades is not the person you should desire to have relationship goals with. Men and women are both equally responsible for participating in unhealthy and inappropriate behaviors that are prevalent in unhealthy relationships. Engaging in emotional blackmail, physical altercations, and verbal abuse should never be seen as healthy. The idea that the behavior is tolerated and acceptable prompts the other person to continue the behaviors. The sure way to make a stance with a person rather it is a professional or personal relationship is to set that Boundary. Being accommodating and appeasing to someone who is unappreciative is not worth the turmoil that “you” will face internally just to say I’m in a relationship. What's worse being unhealthy or unhappy?

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