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Can't Unscramble Eggs

This statement was made to me by someone years back and it has stuck with me since that night it was shared. Such a profound yet simple phrase. You can’t unscramble eggs means there is no changing or controlling some else’s thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. Trying to do this is equivalent to trying to unscramble eggs, which cannot be done.

The first emotions that a person often goes to when there is a shift in relationship dynamics are anger and control. Typically, this does not work and someone’s “feelings” get hurt. I understand that is it difficult to properly manage emotions when love is involved or indicated. Allowing the other person to work through their feelings and problems without allowing that to overwhelm you will be key to keeping your stability and wellness intact.

Once a person shows you who and what they are please take that for face value. Accepting and denying what is presented to you in the form of abuse, disrespect, and cheating is trying to unscramble eggs. If a person is not willing to adjust themselves and make changes once it has been disclosed it is hurtful a choice has to be made by “you”. I encourage and implore you to think about if and how much of a change has taken place in your own thoughts and behaviors in relation to the “one you love”. If you no longer recognize yourself and are currently unable to look yourself in the mirror, this is RED FLAG!!!! Take time out to find yourself if you have lost yourself, if you never knew who you were now would be a great time to find out.

Peace and Blessings…. Chantelle

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