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Being a parent is by far one of the hardest jobs ever created for man or woman. Parenting essentially comes with no real written instructions or rules. How you are supposed to learn how to be is a parent is by the example your own parents provide for you. If you have the unfortunate fate of being raised by unhealthy, nonexistent, and hurtful parents then my friend you are at a disadvantage.

Parents are supposed to be the shining example of who you want to be and are the first teachers you will meet. A mothers love and a father’s embrace will prompt you to be a normal, healthy, functioning human being…. right? This is what we have always been taught and this is what we teach our own children. We instill in little people that they are reflections of us and this has been instilled in just about every adult in the world. I am guilty of repeating these words to my own children. In a sense this is a very strong statement to make to a child. The pressure this statement weighs on a small child could be detrimental in the long run.

Parents should be as healthy and positive as humanely possible, however some fall short in this category, what would be the reason for this? Improper parenting from a parent. The cycle of unhealthiness often runs deep. How can this be prevented? Realizing and accepting flaws and character defects. Once it is realized there is an emotional deficit or any deficit related to being a parent, please address it to prevent harming an innocent child. Screaming, cursing, threatening, or hitting a child is not effective parenting even if it was done to you.

There is a huge difference between disciplining and punishment. Learn the difference if you are unsure. Effective and healthy communication will get you much further than throwing a shoe at someone’s head.

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