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MLK 5O… A Dream

April 4, 2018 MLK 5O… A Dream

Today it has been 50 years since Dr. King was assassinated. Dr. King came to Memphis to advocate for Sanitation workers who were being treated unfairly. His desire to help others resulted in him dying at a young age leaving his family in a world that he drastically desired to see changed.

I searched for a profound statement to share with you and this is what I chose “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. This quote can be and should be a reminder that we have to stand up for something, in particularly ourselves. Silencing who and what we are in order to avoid confrontation is a detriment and should be avoided. Dr. King knew many say that his life was in danger yet he continued to stand strong on his beliefs and values. On this day and everyday moving forward take heed to these words and do not lose sight by being silent about the things that matter when it comes to your well-being or desire to get better. Keep striving, keep the Dream Alive.

Peace and Blessings…Chantelle

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