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Potty Training

I have discussed this topic in many group sessions and now I feel compelled to share with others. Typically, the name of this discussion is “Knowing when to remove your messy diaper”. This concept goes like this. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of potty training their child or took it upon themselves to assist someone in potty training a child should have no problem understanding this concept and how it ties into thinking and behaviors.

When a toddler is learning to transition from diapers to big boy or big girl underwear there are mishaps as should be expected. Have you ever really paid attention to the process, I mean really paid attention? When a child has a soiled diaper either one of two things will happen. The child will become accustomed to remaining soiled and continue to go on through the day until someone cleans him/her up and places on a new diaper. Not knowing what to do because the child is totally dependent on the adult to solve the problem. Stay with me I’m going somewhere with this one……. On the other hand, you have the child who doesn’t like to be soiled, wet, or uncomfortable and will take that diaper off and walk around with nothing on rather than stay soiled. So, my friend I ask which are you? Do you know when to get out of mess? Do you remain in the mess until you can’t take it anymore? In this case “mess” is any and all unhealthy, inappropriate, painful situations.

Rather it be personal or professional relationships, addictions, mental illness, or family dysfunction. Learn to remove your messy diaper, clean yourself up by being able to know when to say this doesn’t feel right and it is not right. The process will be easy for some and hard for others but stay the course. There is always something to be gained from experiences rather it has been viewed as negative or your role in it caused the “mess”. Get better my friend, start the journey today!

Peace and Blessings…. Chantelle

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