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Self Medicating


I figured it would be a total buzz kill if I addressed the unhealthy and inappropriate use of substances rather it be prescription or illegal substances on today 420 ( Get High Day). We have all heard that marijuana is a gateway drug that often leads to the use of other substances to increase the desired effect of euphoria. Self-medicating has been around for years and although very common some people may not be aware this is what they are doing. Using any substance to not feel or to feel something is a red flag.

The key in treating most self-medicating is to address why you are engaging in such a behavior. If there is something you feel is prompting you to use drugs, drink alcohol, or engage in risky behaviors, then we must search for and process the “triggering event”. This triggering event has you stuck and in emotional pain, so in order to get on with your life or simply make it through the day self-medicating has become the norm. Therapy and often times a detox program to cleanse the body of the substance is highly recommended. Persons having experienced trauma, grief, or abuse/neglect may often find themselves self-medicating to forget what happened.

The use of drugs, alcohol, and risky behaviors is not the solution but has often become the remedy for persons afraid to relive and process what happened in order to become well and stable enough to go on the journey to understand who they are and why. If you have been told or are able to admit that you self-medicate, take the first step and accept there is a problem and seek the proper help and support. Remember the ability to get better and live better starts with YOU. Take a chance on yourself and live your best life.

Peace and Blessings….Chantelle

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